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Dark Dreams RHN is a Survival Horror Metroidvania based on actual nightmares.

RHN is a dream machine designed to record and interpret dreams. "Dark Dreams" in particular simulates a "perfect nightmare" based on the real dreams of the real people. The world of Dark Dreams RHN is a work of their (and my own) collective subconsciousness.

*Non-linear open-world filled with enemies, traps and puzzles

*Survival Horror and platforming - in the same game; at the same time

*Varied boss fights

*Surreal "mind sex" story with characters that "make no sense whatsoever"

*Hand-drawn 2D graphics

Platform: PC Windows

Made on Game Maker Studio 2.


Keyboards: W-A-S-D + J-K-I + ESC

The game supports an Xbox controller (must be plugged in beforehand) (press "Start" if the game asks to press "any button"). If you want to use a different controller or set the controls however you like you might want to use a third-party software like Xpadder.

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Survival
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Hand-drawn, Horror, Metroidvania, Surreal
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
LinksBlog, Twitter, YouTube

Install instructions

There are 2 files in the ZIP archive. Unzip the files anywhere you like and launch the exe file (Dark Dreams RHN). No Installation is required.


Dark Dreams RHN.zip 349 MB


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Will it ever be released on consoles/Nintendo Switch? 🙏🏽

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Is it possible to beat white cube?

My friend couldn't find anyway to defeat it for several hours.

You have to use almost all of the bullets and missiles in the area and if you collect them all at once then i think you end up falling short because some of the bullets cant fit in your inventory. You'll also have to heal at some point but there is a heal thing somewhere in the top left of the room i think.

Fantastic looking game. The character close-ups are beautiful. I love the surreal nightmare-fuel aesthetics. The atmosphere and sounds are also great. It's a free game, well-made, and deserves attention.

As for constructive criticism: As others have stated, it does feel slow, which would be fine if the character had faster/more fluid/dynamic movements, it would balance the pace. But if you combine slow moving speed, with bland combat mechanics, with the neutral background tone, and with rather tedious obstacles, you will get a game that looks innovative but feels sluggish. It's why early 2D games on systems like Sega and Gameboy usually didn't combine all of those things into one game. They had a bright/colorful background and/or fast character and/or interactive environment and/or (most importantly) fun gameplay/combat mechanics. A lot can be forgiven if you enjoy moving the character or if you enjoy destroying obstacles in a side-scroll game.

To further exasperate the issue, the storyline isn’t quite captivating. More specifically, it seems too strange. While you have some leeway with making things a bit more nonsensical because it is a nightmare, if the game already feels sluggish and the player isn’t interested in the storyline, they may not find a reason to continue and push through the game.



If your looking for a boring and generally painful game to play this is it. Your characters movements are slow and terrible. things as simple as spikes are a pain in the ass to jump over. at the very start of the game your already doing nearly impossible platforming that's so long and tedious that I just said to myself "fuck it" and stopped playing. How someone can make such a cancerous 2D game with great art is beyond me.


3.7/10 great art doesn't make a great game. This one is a perfect example of that. 

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I absolutely adore the art direction and, although it's painful, the mechanic. But unfortunately it seems you can definitely stuck after the second boss if you explore back in the "village" to get the keys. I'm now at 1 health, 2 bullets, 2 rockets and no way to advance. Is this a case of starting again and avoid exploring or am I missing something? Thanks in advance and congratulations!


The game really doesn't go easy on you. I just kinda wish there was a way to either separate hp from ammo or had a method to restore hp.

Anywho, here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

There is a way to restore your HP, but it's relatively rare.

The first impression might be false, because the game is easy. And it gets only easier. In the second half of the game you'll be able to get as many bullets and HP as you want.


Definitely a Challenging game, I'm curious, are there multiple endings? If so, how many? I wish to pursue and find them all as I travel through this bizarre world - 

There is only one ending. The game is short (about 4 hours) and not very story-heavy. It may seem difficult at first, but it gets easier and easier. 

(After you kill the first boss, return to the King - you can find some bullets in his room if you have zero. After that you should go right, to the second pipe. The hardest part is behind you. 

Noice, alright. I have the 2nd boss fought - was easier than the 1st - just have to keep going, many are enjoying the art of the game from what I've read in the comments